Designed to deliver the material with easy handling of compule tips, i.e. direct and precise placement of the composite and composer restorative into the cavity. Injection guns match up with most of the charging barrel, best choice for sticky material.

Code Size & Colour Packing
RCMG 150mm x 100mm 160 pcs/case


Plastic set up tray facility convenience during procedure. The trays are made from optimum quality plastic ensuring long durability. The plastics tray is designed in such a way that instruments can be kept systematically. Autoclave applicable tray is easy to sterile.

Code Name Size
RITA20 x 10 Instrument Tray Autoclavable 20 x 10CM 20 x 10CM
RITA22 x 16.5 Instrument Tray Autoclavable 22 x 16.5CM 22 x 16.5CM
RITA3S20.5 x 13 Instrument Tray Autoclavable 3 Section 20.5 x 13CM 20.5 x 13CM
RITA33 x 24 Instrument Tray Autoclavable 33 x 24CM 33 x 24CM
RITA4S22 x 15 Instrument Tray Autoclavable 4 Section 22 x 15CM 22 x 15CM
RITAKL, RITAKS Autoclavable Kidney Tray Large & Small


Stylish Cup Dispensers are smart way to keep clinic and office hygienic and organized. Variety of Dispensers are available like Mount wall or Chair mount for easy choice.

Cups are sturdy and carry 5 OZ/ 148ml, smartly fit in ORO dispensers.

Tissue box bring handiness for easy take out while keeping rest napkins safe.

Name Code Colour Packing
Drinking Cup DC White, Blue, Pink, Green & Lavender 50 pcs/bag, 20 bags /case
Wall mount Dispenser DCD – W Beige 60 boxes/ case
Chair mount dispenser DCD – C Blue, Green, White 12 boxes/ case
Tissue Box TB Blue, Green, White 12 boxes/ case
3 in one (tissue, tray and cup dispenser) DCT Blue, Green, White 8 boxes/ case


Graduated holes of different lengths provides an accurate, quick method of adjusting root canal instruments at a required length.

Code Colour Packing
REB Blue, Grey 250 pcs/ box


Organizers are made of Plastic and have removable. Colour coded silicon cups for Gutta Percha points & Paper points and storage space for burs/files/reamers/spreaders. Autoclave up to 135°C.

Code Shape Packing
REBS36 Square, 36 hole 1 pc / box, 120 boxes / case
REBC30 Circular, 30 hole 1 pc / box, 64 boxes / case
REBR60 Rectangle, 60 hole 1 pc / box, 96 boxes / case