These perforated sheets with non-sticky edge are effective to reduce cross contamination with single-use and covers anything you might touch during procedure. Easy to protect the areas which are difficult to clean.

Smart packaging with self-dispense is best for direct usage with easy tear off.

Code Size Packing
Blue, RBFB 4”x6”, 1200 sheet 1 wrap / box, 8 boxes / case
Clear, RBFC 4”x6”, 1200 sheet 1 wrap / box, 8 boxes/ case


Barrier Envelope protects the phosphor storage plates from mechanical damage and information loss caused by ambient light. The Envelope keeps the phosphor storage plate clean while reducing cross contamination.

Peel and stick end provide a consistent seal and tear off.

Code Size Packing
RBE0 Size 0 100 pcs/ box, 100 boxes/ case
RBE1 Size 1 100 pcs/ box, 100 boxes/ case
RBE2 Size 2 100 pcs/ box, 100 boxes/ case


Dental sleeves are important to maintain hygienic workflow and are vital to operatory asepsis, which play crucial role in infection control by reducing clean up time and avoid cross-contamination.

Product Code Size Packing
Sensor Sleeve RSLS8X1.6 8″X1.6″ 500pcs/box, 36 boxes/ case
Scaler Sleeve RSLSC1.4X7 1.4″X7″ 500pcs/box, 36 boxes/ case
Intra Oral Camera Sleeve RSLIC10.2X2 10.2″x2.0″ 500pcs/box, 36 boxes/ case
Light Cure Sleeve RSLLC4.3X2.95 4.3”×2.95” 200 pcs/box, 42 boxes/ case


* We are specialized to provide sleeves for all varieties and sizes of your requirement.