Perfect fit to provide full hair coverage and to maintain hygiene and stopping cross contamination by hair.  Caps are highly breathable, light weight and antistatic with elegant look.

Code Type Packing
RBCS18B Strip Type 18” 100 pcs/ bag, 10 bags/case
RBCS21B Strip Type 21” 100 pcs/ bag, 10 bags/case
RSCNW Round Type 100 pcs/ bag, 30 bags/case


Highly absorbent, 100% pure virgin white cotton with long fibres. The ultimate choice in flexibility, conforms easily and maintains its shape during use. Absorption capacity is 10 times of its normal weight.

Cotton roll single wrap fits perfectly in dispenser which gives a smart look while maintaining safety from cross contamination. It has a rubber base for non-slip grip with a see-through sturdy body.

Product Code Size Packing
Cotton Roll RCR1X1000, RCR1X500, RCR2X1000, RCR2X500 #1 , 1-1/2 in x 5/16 in
#2 , 1-1/2 in x 3/8 in
#3 , 1-1/2 in x 1/2 in
50 pcs/wrap, 10 wraps/bag, 50 bags/case
Cotton Roll Dispenser RCDP 120 mm x 55 mm x 97 mm 1 pc/box, 40 boxes/case


Help to protect your skin and clothing from damage such as liquid splashing in the torso area.


  • Vinyl apron made from PVC fabric
  • Hygienic, wipe clean vinyl surface
  • Simple velcro fastening for ease of use
  • SMMS Dental apron prevent liquid splashes & offer good air permeability
Code Type Packing
RPANWTB Non-Woven Tie Back 50 pcs/bag, 25 bags/case
RPANWRN Round Neck 50 pcs/bag, 25 bags/case
RPAVTB Vinyl Tie Back 1 pcs/bag


3-ply gentle, non-absorbent and non-irritating mask remains cool on the skin for ultimate ease and comfort. Adjustable nose piece helps to customizes the fit. Ear loops ties are soft, stretchable and latex free.

Code Type Packing
RFM3E, RFM4E 3 & 4 Ply Ear-Loop 50 pcs/box, 50 boxes/case
RFM3TB Tie on 50 pcs/box, 50 boxes/case


Anti fog Full face protection shield protects the face and eyes from flying debris and blood/ Water splash.

  • Foam shield is disposable and can be used over the glasses. Fit is very comfortable with elastic.
  • Reusable shield are Easy to clean, washable with lightweight for better comfort. Shields take quick position and fits over eyeglasses. 1 Frame & 10 Shield.
Code Type Packing
RFSD33*32 Face shield with elastic 10 pcs/bag, 20 bags/case
RFSFX10S Frame with 10 shields 1         set/box, 30 boxes/case


Designed to maximize efficiency and simplify surgical procedures, offer a range of surgical kits specially configured to meet doctor’s need for virtually all clinical

scenarios. The kit layout feature easy-to-follow protocol flow, to assist in economizing time and effort for every phase of surgery.

Code Size Packing
RSKD Self-adhesive Instrument table cover 80cm x 100 cm

3 Ply Ear loop Face Mask

Bouffant Cap

Tie Back Surgical Gown

Shoe Cover

Towel 25cm x 25cm

U non-woven drape with adhesive (140cm x 170cm)

Non-woven sponges 3×3 Ply

Instrument Table Cover 80cm x 100cm

20     kit /case


3 ply patient Bib is made of soft tissue and poly of highly absorbent nature. The bonding of 2 ply tissues and 1 ply poly securely together to eliminate separation of layers, and reinforced edges provide added strength and durability. The tissues resist ripping even when wet, and can therefore double as a counter top drape for soaking up fluids.

Twisted clips are suitable to use with the bibs while operating on patient. Sufficient length ensures comfort. Autoclave up to 120°C.

Code Colour Packing
RPB Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, White, Yellow 125 pcs / bag, 4 bags /case


Protective glass with exquisite design protects eyes from being injured. Anti-fog, anti-hard light, anti-ultraviolet rays with smooth surface provide greater comfort. Anti- Scratch eyewear offers excellent protection and opal view.

Code Colour Packing
REWO Orange 12 pcs / box, 12 boxes / case
REWR Red 12 pcs / box, 12 boxes / case
REWC Clear 12 pcs / box, 12 boxes / case


SMS Protective Lab Coats / Jackets with pockets and knitted wrist cuffs are considered a professional wear and elegance which gives better protection. Comfort is made with soft, breathable and fluid-resistant material.

Code Size Colour Packing
RJS S, M, L, XL, XXL Blue, Pink, Lavender 10 pcs / bag , 10 bags / case
RLCS S, M, L, XL, XXL Blue, Pink 10 pcs / bag , 10 bags / case


Non Sterile, Cotton non-woven sponges are soft, smooth and non-linting. The material is of maximum absorbency and little adhesion to wounds with pure white quality. Soft and comfortable to use either dry or moistened, absorbs 10 times its weight.

Code Size Packing
RSPGN4P2X2 2 in x 2 in, 4 ply 200 pcs/sleeve, 25 sleeves/case
RSPGN4P3X3 3 in x 3 in, 4 ply 200 pcs/sleeve, 20 sleeves/case
RSPGN4P4X4 4 in x 4 in, 4 ply 200 pcs/sleeve, 10 sleeves/case


Economy disposable barrier gowns are made of fluid-repelling spun bond polypropylene. These gowns offer basic protection against light fluid spray, dirt, and dry particulates. This popular fabric is economical, breathable, lightweight and flexible. Multi-purpose isolation gown features elasticized writs, neck and waist ties, overlapping back panels.

Code Type Packing
RIGNS Non Sterile 10 pcs / bag, 10 bags /case
RIGS Sterile 1 pcs / bag, 50 bags /case