Bur Holders will organize your instruments for use during the procedure and keep them safe during the sterilization process. Use these holders during procedures to give you quick and easy accessibility to your Burs. Varying hole sizes accommodate different types of shanks and cutting heads.

Code Shape and Slot Packing
RBHAC60 Circular, 60 holes, Base Autoclave 1 pcs/box, 60 boxes / case
RBHAS24 Square, 24 holes, Complete Autoclave 1 pcs/box, 100 boxes / case


Denture Box is a robust storage container for hygienic storage of dentures, braces, gum shields and other orthodontic appliances. The boxes are made of superior plastic to keep them healthy and clean.

Product Code Colour Packing
Denture Box RDB Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red 12 pcs/box, 296 pcs/case
Denture Box with Tray RDBT Dark Green with white box 4 pcs/box, 180 pcs/case


Retainer Box is made of sturdy plastic to protect patient’s retainer from bacteria or breakage. Box include vent holes or hinged lid.

Code Colour Packing
RRBS, RRBT Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White, Pink 12 pcs/box or 400 pcs/case