COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. These are truly unprecedented times that have affected the nation’s healthcare systems, leaving millions at the risk of exposure and adding livelihood, medical and sustenance challenges to many.

At ORO, it is important for us to do our bit and give back to community. We are committed to collaborating, engaging with communities and being a valued contributor to the society, at all times.

As the impact of COVID-19 grows, so does the demand for social services. We are especially mindful of those experiencing hardship during this time and are responding where we can to the evolving needs of the suffering communities. We at ORO, along with our vendor partners and staff volunteers have made an impact on the lives of more than 50,000 people during these tough times.

Ensuring safety and wellbeing through hygiene kits

Reach Global India distributed more than 5000 hygiene kits and helped in creating health awareness among community. Sanitizers, facemask and other safety needs were distributed among the people in dire needs. We ensured to guide and offer safe surroundings. for all the people

Free Meal Distributions for the Vulnerable Community

We are proud to contribute and distribute more than 10000+ free meals to the people in self-quarantined, Covid Patients, and people in need as well.

Reach Global has extended its hand and generously helped with two times free meals. With the raging second wave of pandemic and increasing numbers, the proper meals had also become a significant need of the hour. We had identified and put our efforts to facilitate smother road to recovery for sufferers and needy.


Community health is our top priority and with sudden spike in COVID cases around Pune, the increased healthcare infrastructure was also falling short of resources.  Reach Global India Pvt. Ltd. Contributed to set up hygienic COVID centres with safety supplies and beddings. We are grateful that we can provide safe quarantine spaces to the people in need.

Heroes in contributing to the Initiative

We’re proud that so many ORO employees and partners have contributed to our noble initiative and enable us to give back the community when it was most needed.

Reach Global India will continue to guide its available resources towards such relief efforts across Maharashtra to support the people in need and help reduce the impact on daily life of economically marginalized and vulnerable people in the community.

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