Dense Glass vessels for mixing dental medicaments or fillings. The thick and heavy base makes the dish stable and protects from spills. It is ideal for mixing acrylics, amalgam, resins, sealants and other materials.

Code Colour Packing
GDD – 01 Amber, Blue, Green, Clear 12pcs/box, 18 boxes/case


Tips are disposable, pre-bent, blunt end needle tips designed to dispense etchants, resins and flowable composites cleanly and easily. These tips are offered in several different gauge sizes to accommodate most materials and procedures.

Code Gauge Packing
PT 18ga (cavity liners, bases and composites)

19ga (flowable composites and sealants)

20ga (flowable composites)

22ga (sealants and cements)

25ga (etchants)

100 pcs/ bag


The brush reaches into recesses where a normal brush can’t reach. The variant shape of brush removes heavy stains from occlusal surfaces and hard-to-reach inter proximal spaces. Prepares surface for sealant and orthodontic procedure. It is made up of Nylon, and is Latex Free.

Code Type Packaging
OPB-330 latch type flat white 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case
OPB-330 Assorted latch type flat assorted 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case
OPB-340 latch type tapered white 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case
OPB-350 latch type flat black 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case
OPB-360 latch type tapered black 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case
OPB-370 latch type round white 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case
OPB-370 Assorted latch type round assorted 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case
OPC -340 Latch style 6 rib

flat prophy cup

100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/case

*Other variants available on request.



Eco-Friendly wooden wedges are anatomically shaped for better and safer procedures. It has 6 wedges which can be trimmed without splintering for a custom fit. The wedges’ colour coding agent does not discolour the tooth or restoration upon removal.

Code Size (mm) Colour Packaging
WWDS – 1 11mm x 3.5mm x 1.5mm x 1.3mm Orange 100 pcs/box, 36boxes/case
WWDS – 2 14mm x 4mm x 1.5mm x 1.5mm White 100 pcs/box, , 36boxes/case
WWDS – 3 14mm x 2mm x 1.5mm x 1.5mm Green 100 pcs/box, , 36boxes/case
WWDS – 4 16mm x 4mm x 1.5mm x 1.5mm Yellow 100 pcs/box, , 36boxes/case
WWDS – 5 14mm x 4mm x 2mm x 1.5mm Pink 100 pcs/box, , 36boxes/case
WWDS – 6 16mm x 4.5mm x 2mm x 1.5mm Blue 100 pcs/box, , 36boxes/case


Holder takes quick and precise anterior and posterior bisecting angle radiographs, and eliminates manual retention on the film packet by patient. It enhances patient comfort with smooth edges.

Code Colour Packing
XH – 001 Beige 4 pcs box, 200 boxes/case