ORO offers a wide selection of dental handpieces from high and low speed for a wide variety of dental uses. Our handpieces are efficient, practical, economical and consistent through selection of very high-quality materials. This provides better sterility and
extremely high engineering tolerances lead to cost-efficiency paired with high-quality technology.
We strive to provide the best possible quality service for your small equipment to help you maintain the life of your precision instruments.


Smooth during use and works for a long time, Convenient to take off the bur and time saving. Internal water spray hole is designed in a way to ensure accurate spray position.


Code Product Rotation Speed Range
GD-S H2 Gold Standard 360 – 400krmp
GD-M H2 Gold Standard Push Button 360 – 400krmp
GD-T H2 Gold Super Torque Wrench Head Type 320 – 360krmp
GD-TM H2 Gold Super Torque Push Button 320 – 360krmp
GD-LOW01 C Gold Contra Latch Type 5000-20,000 rmp
GD-LOW01 S Gold Straight 5000-20,000 rmp


Low noise, Best performance with integrated head. Fantastic optimal access and greatest accuracy for all treatment scenarios. Enjoy the efficiency with comfortable working.


Code Product Rotation Speed Range
PL-S H2 Platinum Standard Wrench Head Type 380000~420000
PL M H2 Platinum Standard Push Button 380000~420000
PL T H2 Platinum Super Torque Wrench Head Type 330000~420000
PL T3 H2 Platinum Super Torque Push Button 330000~420000
PL 45 H2 Platinum 45° Head 380000~420000