Diamond Burs

High Quality Control

Laser measurement cutting test and strength test for each lot are performed. All products comply with our own standards which are far more strict than ISO standards.

Before using DIAMOND-BURS, please see the instruction as indicated below.

  • For dental use only.
  • Non-sterile.
  • Insert the shank into the handpiece according to the instruction of the handpiece manufacturer.Insertion should be the full length.
  • Before use, run the instruments to make sure there is no descentering. If the instruments
    become bent, be sure to remove them from any further use.
  • Please always use spray. A Plentiful water supply is necessary to maintain long-lived
    performance and also to prevent loading and pulpitis.
  • Handle with care not to put excessive load. Pressure should be 20 to 50p for all
    instruments with diameter up to 023.
  • Use below max. allowable r.p.m. of each instrument, see chart above, to avoid a
    possibility of being injured due to breakage.
  • Avoid levering, tilting, twisting and jamming motion. Do not work with a pulling motion.
  • Wear a safety glasses and/or facemask to protect from being injured.
  • Practicable for using auto-clave. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats
    more than 2000C including drying process.
  • After using, follow appropriate treatment as the medical waste.