Bulk fill flowable resin

It can be used as a base-liner for both direct and indirect restoration up to 4mm a single layer placement. It is also suitable as a liner for deep cavity.(Class cavity)

  • Resin-based
  • Light-cure
  • For bases and liners
  • For both anterior and posterior use
  • Radiopaque
  • Flowable

Shade: A1, A2 , A3 , Blue , Universal

MEDICLUS technology

Results [ Core Application ]


For Direct restoration with a composite

1. Place any choice of composite restorative material over the Bulk-Flo any light-cure according to the manufactures’s instruction.

2. At least 2mm of the composite surface restorative material is required.

For Indirect restoration with a prosthesis

1. Prepare the tooth in the usual manner.

2. Take an impression with agal; alginate combination or silicone-base impression material to fabricate a proshesis.

3. Temporize with a temporary material until cementation of the prosthesis the manufactures’s instructions. (Avoid using eugenol-containing temporary material)