Light-Cured, temporary crown and bridge resin

Ezi-Crown LC offers a simple way of making temporary inlay, onlay, crowns and bridges.


  • NO MIXING – Easy and fast
  • NO STICKY – Excellent handling
  • NO MESSY – Prefect occlusion accuracy


  1. Apply vaseline on the teeth.
  2. Cut off approximate amount of Ezi-Crown.
  3. Apply Ezi-Crown. Press into place, shape and sculpt.
  4. Make the occlusion. Have a patient bite softly to register occlusal surface and adjust
  5. Apply the curing light (Curing time : 20 sec.)
  6. Remove the cured Ezi-Crown from the teeth, and apply the curing light again on the inside. (20 sec.)
  7. If you need polishing and trimming, do that with lab, carbide bur or silicone point.


#701-1 Kit

  • Ezi-Crown LC 15g * 3ea
  • Any-Flex Clear 50ml Cartridge * 1ea
  • THE-SEP 5ml syringe * 1ea

#701-2 Refill

  • Ezi-Crown 15g * 3ea